March 2023

TO:             Automotive, Manufacturing, Transportation, Technology & Environmental Public Relations & Marketing Departments


FROM:        Team Automundo & Bader Content Studios 


RE:             Opportunity to Produce and Report from Automotive Events for Spanish Language Local TV Channels and National Cable

                  Channels in North America


We want to offer this unique and unprecedented opportunity to produce live segments, taped video news reports and special media content for the Spanish TV networks, local channels and cable lifestyle programs covering your new product launch events, media drives, in the manufacturing centers, in the racing fast lane and at trade shows.

The U.S. Latino population reached 62.5 million in 2021, accounting for 19% of the U.S. population—up from 13% in 2000. Since then, Latinos have been the largest contributor to U.S. population growth, accounting for 54% of the growth.


Automundo – The Premiere Automotive, Technology, Innovation, and Technology Magazine & Web Channel covering the Transportation Industry for 30 years lead by well respected veteran journalist Jorge Koechlin – reporting in Spanish and English has teamed with Bader Broadcast TV Studios to produce Branded Content Segments for local and national news programs.


Since acquiring Automundo Magazine in 1991, Jorge took it to #4 Top Folio Magazine as one of the fastest growing publications in the U.S. 


He is a veteran and well respected Spanish language automobile expert providing broadcast services in Auto Consumer Reports and Motor Sports in the USA and Latin America. 

The former European race car driver, writer and magazine owner has established himself to be an expert not only in the world of automotives but also the fast evolving auto industry’s race towards electrification and using clean energy renewable sources like hydrogen and solar to power the roads and highways.


Jorge’s daily reports on AutoMundo TV are watched by millions throughout the world who have come to rely on the Peruvians style, wit, humor and information on what is happening in the transportation industry and what could be happening next!


As branded content time buys, Jorge Koechlin and the story development team works closely with your department and associated agencies to create a list of potential stories over a calendar year – including behind the scenes manufacturing access, the auto shows, test drives, new vehicle reveals, science, innovation and technology announcements, new battery and EV factory plant grand openings and general opportunities during inbetween – to produce video new content and report live on the scene to the Hispanic consumer audience – for TV and the channels associated web platforms.


TELEMUNDO – Sunday mornings at 8 AM – Available for Automundo TV to produce a half hour weekly news and lifestyle program in this time slots – We are recruiting U.S. automakers to engage with us to be a part of this proposed regular series on national television reaching a coveted Hispanic audience.


ESTRELLA TV – With live news reports throughout the day, this is an exciting opportunity to team with Jorge and the Automundo TV new stream for live reports from the auto show stand, from a media ride & drive event, from a new vehicle unveiling ceremony and to be invited into the research designs enters to witness EVs being manufactured by the next generation of the auto industry talented employees.


These time buy segments offer the opportunity for Spanish speaking automotive executives to appear with Jorge Koechlin live on the channel for short interviews and vehicle walk arounds and for tapped segments to air in detailed reports and roundup stories.


Estrella TV offers a unique aggregation of Spanish language programming including, national and local news shows, sports, entertainment, talk, reality, drama, and comedy primarily produced in its Empire Television Studios in Burbank, California.




The fastest growing App within the Univision portfolio, Jorge has been a guest and commentator and the opportunity is there for a Automundo branded content section.


The U.S. Hispanic population reached 62.1 million in 2020, an increase of 23% over the previous decade that outpaced the nation’s 7% overall population growth. At the county level, growth played out unevenly, which resulted in the continued geographic spread of Hispanics. Numerical growth of Hispanics was largest in counties that already had significant Hispanic populations, but the growth rate was largest in counties with smaller Hispanic populations, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of decennial census data from 1980 to 2020.


We are fully equipped to:


– Report live from the event on the local news channels

– Pre-packaged complete news reports for the local news channels and targeted 

   national lifestyle programs

– Produce special social media versions for the news channels sites its associated web platforms

– Produce thirty minute branded content programs for Telemundo and select local city channels

– Consult with your marketing and PR departments to better understand what the Spanish speaking

   TV channels would like us to produce and better fits what their audience seeks


Funded by Toyota, Bader Content Studios produced a program covering the flight of the Mexican Monarch Butterfly for the Discovery Networks and produced a series of Spanish language video news stories to promote the National program.

Funded by the Toyota Safety Group, Bader Content Studios produced a series of TV news stories for Spanish language news channels as part of its annual campaign to encourage drivers to buckle up and to teach child caretakers the proper installation of car seats.

Fascinated by the Bader Content Studios program covering the flight of the Mexican Monarch Butterfly produced for the Discovery Networks, Telemundo requested a special version for its newscast which was funded by the Toyota Environmental Group.

Bader Content Studios was commissioned by the Toyota Environmental Group to produce a special program for the Discovery Networks covering how automakers are using less water in the manufacturing process.

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