Bader Media News Services is a world leader in same-day TV news and web video production services – specializing in covering a corporate breaking story or scheduled news conference and distributing a detailed and comprehensive video feed  to the targeted broadcasters and web magazine sites within a few short hours.

–  We have a content division that produces weekly feature segments for the All Arts Channel, a multimedia PBS platform covering the arts, entertainment, culture, music, dance, films, Broadway and personality.


 –  A unit that produces segments for the popular NYC VIBE social media platform which covers the entertainment, personality and culture in New York City


–  NEW FOR 2022 – Bader Studios has been assigned to cover environmental, global warming,  technology and innovation to save the planet for the just launched EarthX TV channel now on the major cable systems and web platforms.


– A broadcast TV news division that is contracted by the global satellite news channels to produce breaking news live shots from the scene of a story including producing live interview segments throughout the country


–  A multi-city corporate video production center that works closely with Fortune 50 clients to cover their events, advise on how to capture and tell their story and produce and distribute broadcast TV news and web video unveiling new products, initiatives and company developments.


– A long form production team that produces regular branded content time buys producing  programs on behalf of select clients airing on the Discovery Networks.

Take a look at recent work:

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Bader TV contracted to produce weekly segments









The focus of our work is in these areas:


1-  Video Story Development – client strategy objectives

2-  Field shooting

3-  Studio editing – either in one of our bureau cities or directly in the field


We are highly skilled and qualified, which is why we work for many of the world’s Fortune 50 companies including many entertainment firms and agencies.

In addition to producing same day global news feeds, we also specialize in creating background video press kits, satellite media tours, well thought out and edited marketing and sales videos along with client presentation videos.


Our web program content team works closely with our TV news team to produce made for web magazine videos that are designed for immediate upload to the news magazine and targeted bloggers sites.


Services range from early on client strategy sessions straight through to on-site TV news editing and distribution. Bader TV always follows through by offering comprehensive TV news monitoring and creating media results sizzler presentation videos after the projects are completed.


Bader TV News production staff based throughout the world speak and write sixteen different languages making us unique and act as a full-service global video news agency.



Bader Media Group has the unique distinction of serving as a strategic marketing partner for our clients, working in conjunction with their public relations staff to maximize their marketing initiatives, brand imaging, and corporate goals. Our advice and expertise with regard to media campaigns and crisis communication based on years of experience in every aspect of the news business, affording our clients a decisive advantage over their competition.

Volkswagen Diesel Scandal – Bader provides global broadcast image counsel, handles live executive interview transmissions, arranges and manages interviews – filter daily TV appearance requests – consults daily with the team of attorneys and senior communication leadership in Washington DC & Germany.

Formed in May of 1988 in New York City as an LLC, Bader TV News has a long history of working on important product launches, special events, corporate initiatives, producing video news releases, satellite media tours, Think Stories and client global positioning stories, along with same-day TV news stories for many consumer product companies. We’ve been in business for more than 34 years and have more than 400 clients worldwide.

So you know, if ever needed, we are able to provide a wealth of resources, especially on the TV news distribution side, that others simply can’t. And it doesn’t matter how solid a production is, if it is not conveyed to the target audiences, it is to no avail. The notification, distribution and monitoring are the most important components of any project, and that is where Bader TV News excels.


Bader Media is able to get results for our clients, in large part, because we act as a direct pipeline to virtually every TV newsroom in the U.S. and throughout the world. 


In New York City, Bader Media in-house six (6) edits bays are manned by an award winning creative team that the national news networks call upon to team with an assigned reporter and shoot stories, edit, feed and then go live on location.  We are equipped with Adobe Premiere Pro and all necessary post-production software.

  • Producers for the PBS All Arts Channel and its associated web platforms 
  • Producers for Discovery Networks 
  • Producers for NYC VIBE 
  • APB News – Breaking news website servicing the NYC local news channels 

Bader Studios is the contracted producers for PBS ALLARTS (, a new broadcast channel and streaming platform dedicated to arts and culture, produced and distributed by PBS THIRTEEN and sister station WLIW21.


Spotlighting emerging and established artists, ALLARTS offers arts lovers access to the best in dance, film, stories, music, theater, visual art, design, and more. Newly produced original programs, eclectic specials from around the globe, and archival programs from PBS 13 WNET’s 50-year rich history of arts broadcasting are among the offerings.


Bader Content Studios is the producer of the weekly news updates and profiles. 

Combination of Discovery Networks offering Bader bid opportunities being on their elite vendor list and Bader purchasing airtime on behalf of its clients with a targeted storyline that is appropriate.


Dedicated TV news and media strategists assigned by the industry – automotive, banking & finance, transportation & fashion, entertainment & travel.


Services include covering media events, interviewing senior leadership on site, behind the scenes as products come to life, producing background video press kits, arranging and producing senior management live interviews on the cable news channels (Bader media team arranges with the channels, shoots with our camera teams using LIVE U 600 packs) and then provide media roundup story analysis reports.


From the night entertainment events, news feeds are available within hours – in many cases the field team uploads from the venue raw footage to the Bader Amazon server where assigned editors in other cities are standing by.


We can supply for you now:


1-  Video news gathering

2-  Targeted video news & entertainment story pitches for the segments 

3-  Immediate live transmission with the news control room during breaking stories

4-  In confidence, advising on broadcast TV news strategy story selection and crisis communication issues

US Broadcast Media Contact:


Bader Content Studios

NYC HQ: +1.212.744.5380