As part of the renaissance of Los Angeles Magazine, Bader Media is proposing to form an alliance to produce a constant stream of videos covering the fast paced and exciting world of the entertainment industry in and around Hollywood.


This includes dedicated LA Magazine video teams assigned to cover red carpet premieres, behind the scenes making of by invitation, celebrity sit down interviews, backstage access, special access to awards shows, afterparties, galas, charity events and being invited on the set of the making of movies and series.


Each segment would be designed to be presented by a sponsor.  For example:


Based on the nature of the event and red carpet access, LA Magazine video production team and its hosts could produce a complete live program on the red carpet which would be sponsored by numerous companies.


In addition to the main LA Magazine home site, these programs would be targeted for its YouTube channel and X site.


While on the carpet and at a live event, a dedicated social media team would be capturing and distributing short stories throughout the event to an awaiting audience on the LA magazine social and main sites that night. This will be funded by the main LA Magazine sponsors in addition to contacting the sponsor of the event to join with LA Magazine for its coverage.


Bader Media would create a dedicated news desk in Los Angeles that would research the stories and opportunities, interact with the movie studios, streamers, publicists, agents and production companies seeking opportunities and access.


The assigned video teams would be briefed and at the events to conduct interviews, on camera stand-ups and probe for interesting story angles – in some cases being able to be in sync with what the LA Magazine writer might be developing – so the online site is comprehensive and complete.


The studio edit team will immediately begin the process of producing the segments for the magazine sites, ensuring fast uploads wrapped around the sponsor’s themed branding. 


For LA Magazine to work with Bader Media to fine tune this plan so it’s consistent with the mission of the rejuvenation of the magazine’s presence in the west.


– Contract with Bader

–  Retain an independent ad sales team, based on commission, who have the experiences working with the entertainment TV news and sites to lure in the first wave of sponsors which will fund the operation

–  From this initial wave of revenue – Bader graphic artists creates the matching look and feel – builds the boxes and templates for the main and social websites – hires its staff, upgrades its cameras and field gear and starts field work



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